Pigadi Restaurant
31, Xanthoudidou str. - Old town 74100
Rethymno - Crete - Greece
Tel./Fax +30 28310 27522
Mobile +30 6976996570
e-mail: info@pigadi-crete.com
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   The menu
In our menu you will find recipes from the traditional, Mediterranean and International cuisine. All sauces and dishes are prepared here in our kitchen with fresh ingredients, carefully chosen by our chef.
  • Traditional fried rolls of homemade pastry crust filled with eggplant mousse, peppers and soft sauce from traditional yoghurt and fresh mint
  • Three Cretan cheese (feta Marinated with olive oil and Cretan aromatics, fried graviera cheese served with homemade tomato marmalade and mixed cheese from goat and sheep milk with olives )
  • Traditional balls of wild Cretan greens with feta, xinohodros (Cretan frumenty), Graviera served with sauce of cream Cretan cheese perfumed with oregano
  • Wild Cretan Snails in olive oil with local vinegar and fresh rosemary
  • Traditional apakia (Cretan smoked pork) cooked with mushroom, peppers, thyme and rosemary served on toasted bread and poached egg with olive oil
  • Seafood saganaki with shrimps, fresh mussels, red sweet peppers and feta in tomato sauce
  • Octopus cooked in white vinegar with caramelized onions and tomato served on fava
  • Marinated anchovy served on ground Cretan rusk with fresh tomato, capers and Cretan herbs
  • Plate of Appetizers (tzatziki, eggplant rolls, koukouvagia, stuffed vine leaves, grilled pork apakia, meatballs)
  • Traditional Cretan salad with tomato, boiled potatoes, olives, Stamnagathi, Cretan Rusk, fresh onion, mizithra cheese and boiled eggs
  • Traditional cheese pie from Sfakia rolls stuffed with grilled vegetables and leaves from a variety of lettuce served with honey dressing flavored with tarragon
  • Green salad with a variety of lettuce, roka, Cretan mizithra cheese cooked in oven, stamnagathi, cherry tomatoes, pickle mushroom, Cretan rusk and vinegar-honey dressing
  • Homemade ravioli filled with feta, anthotiro and mizithra cheese served with a sauce of fresh tomato
  • Pasta with shrimps, salmon, fresh mussels, anthogalo Cream cherry tomatoes and parsley
  • Pasta with Greek buffalo sausages (Kerkini farm), 3 color peppers, sundried chili and tomato sauce
  • Traditional Cretan soup of local lamb with xinochondro (Cretan frumenty) and vegetables
  • Moussaka with a cream of olive oil, anthogalo and graviera cheese (The Moussaka is made with fresh ingredients in our kitchen and is being cooked the moment your order is in place 25΄)
  • Wild Cretan snails with fresh stamnagathi (Cretan green), xinochondro (Cretan frumenty), zucchini and fresh tomato
  • Rabbit stifado (rabbit cooked with onions in tomato sauce)
  • Pork served with chickpeas in lemon sauce, flavored with rosemary, cumin and coliander
  • Lamb in a ceramic pot with a variety of wild Cretan greens, artichokes, dill, potato, graviera and feta cheese wrapped in homemade pastry (25΄)
  • Sauted chicken fillet with sauce of Cretan olives, tomato and oregano
  • Grilled smoked pork chop with a sauce of capers, pickles and mustard-seed
  • Grilled Lamb chops with thyme Cretan honey sauce, garlic and fresh-cut mint
  • Grilled burger of Greek buffalo (Kerkini Farm) with sauce of Cretan cream cheese
  • Grilled beef fillet with a sauce of Cretan (Liatiko) wine flavored with traditional carob honey
  • Grilled salmon with sauce of Cretan olive oil, fresh lemon juice and parsley
  • Grilled shrimps served with a summer sauce of citrus fruit and Cretan aromatics
  • Sea bass rolls with seafood soufflé served with Veloute fish soup
  • Grilled tuna fish fillet served with fresh tomato, basil, fresh onion, hot peppers and olive oil
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